Sage Cover

Designed for your business

Sage Cover is designed to help you run your business more efficiently, effectively and definitely with more confidence. Starting with software assurance to ensure that you are equipped with the latest version of the software, to flexible support plans that address your key concerns and support requirements when using our solutions, there is definitely a solution for everyone.

If you have just purchased a new product from Sage,it is inclusive of the 1st year basic Sage Cover, with our compliments. This automatically covers the following aspects of your software solution until the expiration of the Sage Cover, one year from your purchase date. 

  • Free online updates.
  • Free version upgrades.
  • Online access to FAQs and the knowledge base. (KB)

The Sage Cover plan is renewable annually and also has the option for multiple year renewals with a preferential rate. If you just want to focus on the maximizing your use of our products without worrying on the latest update and continuous improvement of your products, then Sage Cover is the software assurance and support plan for you. It provides you a peace of mind as you focus on your business.

How do I know if my Sage Cover has expired or not? Please follow the simple steps below.

For Sage UBS, in the product screen, go to the menu and select Help - About

For Sage 50, in the product screen, go to the menu and select Help - About



Our friendly Helpdesk Consultants are empowered with knowledge and skills to ensure each of your issues is handled with the proper urgency, and efficiently. Issues received are collated and are processed in our systems to ensure that there is a history logged for future reference. 

To subscribe to our Helpdesk services, you will need to be have be an active Sage Cover subscriber and have an active Business Care plan. You can see the Business Care rates here.

  • How can I subscribe to Sage Cover and a Business Care Plan? Contact us via our Support Call Center below and requests for a Customer Marketing personnel.

How to contact us?

We understand and appreciate the various and new forms of communication methods available and would like to offer the following ways in which you can communicate with us.

Voice Support Call Center

  • Call us at 1-300-88-SAGE (7243)

Online Chat Support

We have made available 2 different queues for chat support. Please click on the relevant queue.

  • Business Solutions
  • Payroll Solutions

In-Product Chat Support

In the newer versions of Sage product's there is a built-in link that enables you to initiate an instant online chat support session.



  • Fax to us at +60 (3) 2261 4179